I] International political economy

  1. Meaning of International Political Economy
  2. International Economics and International Politics
  3. Scope of International Political Economy
    1. International Trade
    2. International Finance
    3. North-South Relations
    4. Multinational Corporations
    5. Hegemony
    6. The structural balance of power between and among states and institutions
    7. Globalization

II] Approaches to the study of IPE

III] National Autonomy

IV] International Regime

V] Hegemonic Stability Theory

  1. Introduction
  3. Hegemony and the Hegemon’s System
  4. Problems of the System – The Hegemon´s Decline
  5. Competing theories of hegemonic stability
    1. The Systemic School of thought
    2. Long cycle theory
  6. The other views of Hegemonic Stability besides the competing theory
    1. The Neorealist interpretation of Hegemony
    2. The Neoliberal interpretation of Hegemony
    3. The Classical Liberal interpretation of Hegemony

VI] Global governance or world governance