I] Ideally go through 5 March board papers

Solve all questions given after each chapter.

Avoid cancellation, overwriting and use of short forms.

Answers should be precise and to the point.

Start a new question on a new page [not sub questions].

Do not draw margins on either side.

Preferably use blue to write the paper and pencil for diagrams.

II] Attempt all questions.

All questions cover all parts of the syllabus.

Question one is objective for 20 marks. Should be completed in 20 to 25 minutes.

All other questions in about 30 minutes each.

III] Chapters on Demand, elasticity of demand, Forms of market, Commercial banks, central bank and introduction to microeconomics and macroeconomics will help you to attempt 60 marks in the paper.

IV] All laws, types of price elasticity of demand, short notes on aggregate demand and aggregate supply, should be explained with the help of schedules and diagrams.

V] For all assumptions exceptions etc; features of factors of production, national income, micro economics, macroeconomics; difficulties and uses of national income, write about eight to ten points and explain each in a line or two.

VI] Revise distinctions between types of budget, microeconomics and macroeconomics, commercial and central bank, qualitative and quantitative tools of credit control, factors of production.

VII] If there is limited time left or you do not know some answers remember at least attempt the following

Q 2 A] One mark is allotted for DEFINATION,

Q2 B] One mark for writing whether the given statement is TRUE or FALSE.

Q3 A] One mark for the first point of distinction which MUST BE DEFINITION and

Q5] One mark for writing whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with the given statement.

Q6] The long answer and usually has two or more parts so attempt each as separate marks are allotted for each.


VIII] Usually there is no time for attempting extra questions but if you do so, do it in the end if time permits.

In case extra questions are attempted the best marks are considered.

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